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Energy Healing

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Energy Healing is derived from quantum physics and suggests that our thoughts and intentions can directly affect our overall well-being. It suggests that by harnessing the power of our consciousness. Furthermore, we can access the inherent healing abilities of our bodies and shift our energy to facilitate healing on all levels. The concept of Energy Healing is based on the understanding that, at the subatomic level, matter behaves both as particles and waves, existing in multiple states simultaneously. This idea questions the traditional physics model that treats the universe as a cause-and-effect machine.

In Energy Healing, the focus is on the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. It acknowledges that our thoughts and emotions can impact our physical well-being. Energy Healing uses meditation, visualization, and intention to tap into our natural healing abilities.

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Dr. Cecil Cockerham's education includes a Doctor of Psychology, a Doctor of Divinity, a Certified Anger Management Therapist, a Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner, and Peacemaker Training I, II, and III – A Biblical Guide to Resolving Personal Conflict, a Divine Healing Technician, trained by the John G. Lake Divine Healing Institute. Also, he holds a Mediation and Advanced Dispute Resolution Certificate. He has been involved in Higher Education since the mid-1980s. He earned his Doctorate Degree by developing a College-Level Curriculum in biblically-based counseling.

His first seminary, (American Seminary), was developed in 2012 and is available for higher education. His second seminary, (Global Grace Seminary), was developed some years later. He is retired from Global Grace as of February 2024. Having the privilege to be the founder of two major seminaries is quite an accomplishment and he points to the GRACE OF GOD for making that possible. Dr. Cockerham has been a coach, counselor, and mentor since 1989 and is very active today.