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Mentoring 2024 -The “Mentoring 2024” 6-week training will begin on Thursday, May 9, at 7:00 pm central time. Because this is a very personal mentoring relationship, I will accept only eight (8) people. The course materials and private coaching sessions are only $60.

With this training, you will learn to address fears, phobias, and nagging issues that have derailed people for many years, some as long as a lifetime. The EFTC (Emotional Freedom Through Christ) is a proven program developed by Dr. Cecil Cockerham in 1997 to meet the needs of his clients. Click here for more information.

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Come and explore new paradigms of thinking.  We have just created a membership site combining highlights from our training websites. “Think outside the box” and find your truth!

Quantum Spirituality is where science and spirit meet. It best describes the realization that one energy field connects matter and spirit. In Quantum Spirituality, we realize that all creation is connected: matter and energy, body and soul, the spiritual and material world. 

Our website,, will train you to provide different streams of counseling to meet the client’s needs. This can mean counseling from a biblical perspective or training from an eclectic approach involving Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, Quantum Concepts, and True Spirituality.

The new membership site will include a brief video lesson based on tips and techniques I have used for over 25 years as a coach, counselor, and mentor. Our FREE Inspiration of the Week series, the Mindset For Success course, and the Change Your Language – Change Your Life courses are just a few examples of the information we provide to help you find YOUR TRUTH. Additionally, we will periodically offer special courses at significantly reduced prices. For instance, our Energy Healing course is available at just $10.

To see our available courses and sign up for the monthly membership, visit the Teach Truth Membership Overview Page at Membership – Teach Truth.

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Dr. Cecil Cockerham
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